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Serve and Return 2020 Results

SERVE AND RETURN: Thank you, Knoxville Tennis Community! As a result of the 2020
competition, 21,322 meals were collected for Second Harvest Food Bank of East
Tennessee. That is increased 207% over last year’s total of 4,428 meals.
Order of Finish:

#1—Peninsula Club (5,864 meals)
#2—Knoxville Racquet Club (3,550 meals)
#3—Cedar Bluff Racquet Club (3,510 meals)
#4—Cherokee Country Club (3,448 meals)
#5—West Hills (2,206 meals)
#6—Beaver Brook (1,350 meals)
#7—TTCA (764 meals)
#8—Fort Sanders (600 meals)
#9—Oak Ridge (30 meals)