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USTA League - Mixed Doubles
Local League Coordinator:
Michael Pappas

2020 USTA Tennessee Mixed League Regulations


Local League Coordinator:

Mike Pappas


Regulations written in BLUE text are specific to CITY leagues and may not apply in other local areas.

  1. Dates


Local Registration Opens

Local Team Registration Close (Deadline for legal team roster minimum)

Local Last Day to Add Individual

Local Schedule Released

Local Playoff Dates

State League Play Deadline

State Championship

All Mixed Leagues

 March 31, 2020

July 18, 2020

Aug 7, 2020

July 24, 2020





Days of Play: July 31- Aug 2, Aug 7-9, Aug 21-23

  1. League Regulations
    1. Where not otherwise stated, USTA League National, Southern, and Tennessee Regulations have full force and applicability.
    2. KNOXVILLE defines itself as Morgan, Scott, Campbell, Claiborne, Union, Grainger, Jefferson, Cocke, Blount, Monroe, Loudon, Knox, Roane, Anderson, and Sevier counties. Teams competing in the KNOXVILLE Local Leagues must play in facilities that reside within the defined area.
    3. All participants must be current members of the USTA and have reached the minimum age for league type within the calendar year. Each player shall have reached the required minimum age prior to or during the calendar year in which such player participates in his or her first local league. Each player must pay a $24 league fee for each team that he/she is joining. This will be paid at the time of registration. There will also be a $3 fee paid to TennisLink at the time of registration. Total fee on TennisLink will be $27 per registrant per team.
    4. Players requesting a refund must do so through by contacting the LLC. A refund may not be requested more than four days after the State League Play Deadline. All refunds will consist of the amount paid by a player for the USTA League (excluding Tennislink Fees) minus a $4 fee that goes to the Local League Coordinator. Only players that did not play a match in the league season or are not advancing to a state championship are eligible to request a refund.
    5. USTA Mixed Leagues in KNOXVILLE offered in the following divisions.


League Type

NTRP Levels

League Format

Minimum Number of Players Required For Legal Team

Maximum number of players allowed on team roster


18 & Over

2.5 (straight), 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0

3 Doubles



40 & Over

6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

3 Doubles

55 & Over

6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

3 Doubles

65 & Over

6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

3 Doubles


  1. 18 & Over
    1. Mixed 18 & Over 10.0 will play their local league at the USTA Tennessee State League Championship. This level must meet the State deadline of August 5, 2019 for team and individual registration. No players may be added after August 5, 2019.
  2. The minimum NTRP level for 6.0 is 2.5; 7.0 is 3.0; 8.0 is 3.5; 9.0 is 4.0; 10.0 is 4.5.
  3. The NTRP rating difference between doubles partners shall not exceed 1.0.
  4. The combined NTRP rating of a doubles team shall not exceed the NTRP level.
  5. The format for USTA Mixed Leagues in KNOXVILLE will be three (3) doubles matches.
  6. Divisions may be divided into two or more flights with a playoff at the end of local play to determine the KNOXVILLE champion.
  7. If only one team is registered at deadline for any level, an extension of two weeks will be given to meet the National requirement of a minimum of 2 teams.
  1. Team Regulations
    1. Each team shall appoint a captain to manage team activities and to represent the team in USTA League matters. The Captain is the person who is to communicate with the LLC and serves as the liaison between the players and the LLC, and therefore captains must have a valid email address and phone number listed in TennisLink.
    2. Captains MUST use the following format to name teams: TN/City/Captain’s Last Name. For example: (TN/Nashville/Ontog).
    3. USTA Tennessee will have no residency requirements for teams that are in leagues with local play.
      1. For teams that advance directly to the State Championship or play their local league at the State Championships, USTA Tennessee requires that at least 2 players of the team be residents of the local area from which that team is advancing.
    4. USTA Tennessee limits the number of players that may appear on a team roster. Please see the table in Local Regulation II.e for the maximum number of players on a roster in each league.
  2. Individual Regulations
    1. Each player will use his/her most current NTRP Computer Rating on file in TennisLink. Players who do not have a computer rating on file in TennisLink shall self-rate in accordance with the National Tennis Rating Program. Self-ratings are valid for two years from the date issued or until replaced by a dynamic or computer rating. NTRP computer generated ratings are good for 3 years for those players 59 years old or under, and 2 years for those 60 years of age or older.
    2. Players may play on more than one team so long as they are not playing on more than one team in the same local area, age division, and NTRP level.  Team captains are responsible for making sure that all team members meet eligibility criteria. Players not meeting the above eligibility criteria will be ineligible and any matches they have played will be forfeited.
  3. League Play
    1. Lineups are to be exchanged at the scheduled match time, or before, if captains agree and are ready to play.
    2. In the event of illness, injury, disqualification, or no-show of a player prior to the start of an individual match (once the lineup has been exchanged), a team may substitute a player in the affected position within the 15-minute default time, using a player not already listed on the lineup. The substitute player is entitled to a five minute warm-up. If no such substitution can be made, the affected position only will be defaulted in local leagues.
      1. We will not wait for players to finish a previous match.  The captain should have a player in place to play the match.  If the player does not arrive within the 15 minute waiting period, and no other player can be substituted, the court will be defaulted. Coordinator will work to avoid conflicts of matches during Sectionals and have final authority to reschedule matches if captains cannot agree on a time and date.
    3. There is no coaching in any form allowed in USTA Mixed League matches. Cell phones must be turned off or silenced during play.
    4. USTA Tennessee Mixed league matches in KNOXVILLE shall be:
      1. 2 out of 3 sets with regular scoring and 3rd set 10-point match tie break
    5. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, in a team match or in league standings, the tie will be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so
      1. Individual Matches. Winner of the most individual matches in the entire competition.
      2. Head-to-head. Winner of head-to-head match.
      3. Sets. Loser of the fewest number of sets.
      4. Games. Loser of the fewest number of games
      5. Best two out of three Rock, Paper, Scissors between the two captains.
    6. Captains are responsible for entering and/or confirming match scores on Tennis Link. Captains need to verify and confirm the recorded match scores. All recorded scores will be final 48 hours from match time. If a mistake is made when entering scores and you have clicked out of scorecard on TennisLink, you will have to email the LLC with the match number and correction.  Only the LLC can make a change to the scorecard.  Any disputes must be made on TennisLink and the LLC must be notified by email before the 48 hours is up.
      1. Team match scores must be reported within 48 hours of the completion of the team match. Failure to comply may subject teams to a grievance, or a double default as determined by the Local Grievance Committee. Captains are responsible for entry and confirmation of the scores within the time period.
    7. If a team plays a local match without a full lineup, forfeits must be taken at #3 doubles.
    8. If a team shows up without the minimum # of players required for the team match based on the number of players present, or to be present, it will be a full team default in favor of the opponents. Please refer to National regulation 2.01C(5) on team default procedures.
    9. If a match is begun and a player has to retire due to injury or illness, the match score to the point of default will be recorded on the scorecard (i.e.; 6-2, 2-1, 15-15, retired).
    10. If a match must be forfeited, the name(s) of the forfeiting player(s) are not written on the scorecard,. Only the names of the player(s) receiving the default. The written score shall be 6-0,6-0; as if the match had been played.
    11. If a captain knows ahead of time he/she will forfeit an entire team match, he/she must notify the Local League Coordinator and the opposing team captain. If a team forfeits an entire team match and that forfeit affects the outcome of the local league, then all matches played by the forfeiting team will be removed from the standings. If the forfeiting team has no effect on the outcome of the local league, matches played by that team will stand and that team may be eligible to advance.
      1. If a captain does not notify opposing captain of a forfeit before line-ups are exchanged, the opposing captain has an opportunity to re-submit their line-up. Forfeits are taken on #3 doubles.
    12. If play is interrupted by weather, darkness or other factors beyond the control of players, completed individual matches will stand as played. In the event that rain or inclement weather forces the cancellation and/or re-scheduling of a local league team match, the line-up would stand only for those positions that had already started (first service attempt) their match. All other positions, even those that were in warm-up may be changed including defaulted courts.
      1. A captain cannot cancel or reschedule a match.  The League Coordinator will make that decision. All matches are expected to be played at the scheduled time.  Only in the event of inclement weather and if the courts are not suitable for play, matches Both captains must agree to play inside, then the teams playing will be responsible for fees.
    13. For each team match, a majority of individual matches must actually be played to constitute a valid team match. In a situation where the majority of individual matches would be not played (not a “valid” team match) the first course of action would be for both captains to agree on what individual matches, based on the number of players present, or to be present, can be played to constitute a valid team match. Once that is determined, both captains will re-exchange scorecards. If both captains cannot come to an agreement on what lines will be played to constitute a valid team match, based on the number of players present, or to be present, then the following individual matches will be assigned in sequential order to be played: #1 doubles, then #2 doubles.
    14. If both teams have enough players to play the match and it’s discovered after-the-fact that a majority of the matches were not played to constitute a valid team match, both captains need to come to an agreement of what lines will be played to make the team match valid.  If captains cannot come to an agreement then the individual match(es) to be played will be assigned in sequential order in the above-mentioned table. If a captain does not comply with this regulation, then it may be considered a full team default in favor of the opponents. If a team shows up without the minimum # of players required for the team match based on the number of players present, or to be present, it will be a full team default in favor of the opponents. Please refer to national regulation 2.01C(5) on team default procedures.
  4. Championships
    1. Players who qualify to advance to State for a Mixed Doubles 18 & Over and/or Mixed Doubles 40 & Over team(s) may advance on more than one team within an age group only if they are different NTRP levels.  No accommodations for scheduling will be made at any Championship for teams with players that may be competing on two or more teams during a championship.
    2. In order to be eligible to compete in a USTA Tennessee League State Championship, players must play in the number of matches listed in the table below:












To advance to any championship level through Sectional Championship

 To advance to any championship level through Sectional Championship


To advance to National Championship

To advance to National  Championship

2 matches

on the same team

1 default received

shall count


3 matches

on the same team

1 default received

shall count


A retirement counts as a match played for all players involved.


  1. If a Mixed 55 & Over/Mixed 65 & Over team has no local competition offered at that specific combined level, a team may advance to the State Championship. Any 55 & Over/65 & Over local league having more than two (2) teams must play a local league. 
  2. The number of advancing from KNOXVILLE is determined by the chart below:









Mixed Doubles










  1. Grievances
    1. Self-rated players who enter the USTA League Tennis Program by misrepresenting their actual skill level are considered to have violated the standards of good conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship and may be subject to a grievance complaint and possible disqualification. A Captain, Local League Coordinator, State League Coordinator or member of the State League Committee can file a NTRP grievance. A player with a valid NTRP Computer (C) rating, or granted an Automatic Appeal (A) rating of a Computer (C) rating is not subject to an NTRP Grievance. Any other player is subject to an NTRP Grievance.
    2. Grievances are filed with the Local League Coordinator.  Please submit via email, including a $25.00 fee.  Should the Grievance Committee find in favor of the person filing the grievance, the $25.00 will be refunded. The LLC will give the grievance to the Local Grievance Committee.  Forms for grievances may be obtained from the Local League Coordinator.
  2. Local Committees
    1. Rules & Regulations Committee: Deidra Dunn, Lyn Eagen, Karen Kelly
    2. Grievance Committee: Kevin Dean, Lauren Clarke, Nancy Vineyard
    3. Grievance Appeals Committee: Mary Watkins, Rusty Morris, Scott Thompson
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