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USTA League - Adults


Local League Coordinator:
Cheryl Thompson

Local Rules and Regulations  (updated 12/31/18)

State Rules and Regulations

Southern Section Rules and Regulations

"Friend at Court"

Thank you so much for playing Knoxville USTA League Tennis. Enjoy your season, and
do not
hesitate to contact me at 865.607.4070 or

2020 Calendar of Events- 18+ and 40+
Date Event Location
Jan 1 Registration Opens Tennislink
Feb 22 Legal Roster Deadline Tennislink
Feb 29 Schedules posted Tennislink
Apr 30 Last day to add player Tennislink
May 22-24 Local Playoff Weekend  Tyson & West Hills
May 25 State Deadline: Last day of play N/A
June 12-14 Adult 18 & Evens State Championships
Adult 40 & Odds State Championships
June 26-28 Adult 18 & Over Odds State Championships
Adult 40 & Evens State Championships


Days of Play
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
W- 18+ 3.5 W- 18+ 3.0
W- 40+ 4.0
W- 18+ 4.0
W- 40+ 3.0
W- 18+ 2.5
W- 40+ 3.5
W- 40+ 4.5
W- 18+
M- 40+
W- 40+
M- 18+
*Weekend leagues may need a few weeknight matches 


League/Roster Format
League Type NTRP Levels League Format Roster Min Roster Max
Adult 18+ 2.5, 5.0+ 1 singles, 2 doubles 5 12
Adult 18+ 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 2 singles, 3 doubles 8 18
Adult 40+ 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+ 1 singles, 3 doubles 7 16

Quick Links:

Create A Team

Register For a Team

Pay Your GKTA Annual Fee

Captains register a team:
Go To
2. Click on Register Now for Adult League
3. Log in with your USTA number and register for a team
4. Click on Create team
5. Select Section: USTA Southern
6. Select Area/District: Tennessee
7. Select Sub/Area: Knoxville
8. Select League: ( i.e.18 & over)
9. Select Flight: (i.e. 4.0 Women)
10. Enter Team Name: (TN/Knoxville/Last Name)
11.   Associate with your facility. If it isn’t listed, click on “other facility” and type in your club name.
***Give team members your 10 digit team ID#


Team Members to Register for a Team:
**All new players to league tennis must self-rate themselves in accordance with NTRP guidelines.   All self-rated players must fill out a players’ history form.
1. Go to
2. Go to Register Now for Adult League
3. Click on “register for a team"
4. Type in Team Number (Given by Captain),  The “League Registration” Screen will come up and display your team and the fees for the league.
5. After completing the credit card information click submit.  TennisLink will verify your credit card number and will tell you that you are registered.