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  On behalf of the Greater Knoxville Tennis Association's School's Grant Committee, we would first like to commend you on your commitment to young people and growing the game of tennis.  Our committee members are current and former coaches who respect your dedication to your school and community.  We would like to offer up an additional resource for you as your season gets underway.

  The GKTA School's Grant provides an opportunity for coaches to supplement their program if needed.  We are offering gently used racquets and financial assistance up to $200 . We will address each application on a case-by-case basis.  We ask coaches to please exercise discretion in the application and keep requests on a need basis (in other words, we are not going to just give out free money).  The more information you can provide to us as to why you need the grant, the better we can potentially help your players and program.   

  Applications can only be submitted online.  The Committee will review the request and inform applicants either a recommendation of revision or a recommendation of approval from the GKTA Board of Directors.   Upon the Board's approval, the Committee will contact applicants and arrange for funds to be properly distributed.  Coaches receiving the grant will be required to submit a follow-up accountability form confirming their grant money was properly utilized.  

  Please note: While the GTKA School's Grant Committee reserves the right to accept, deny or amend any application, funds may not be distributed without the approval of the GKTA Board of Directors.  

   We look forward to working with you.  Good luck this season!

-Kyle Blackburn & Amanda Wilson
Co-Chairs GKTA School's Grant Committee 

GKTA Schools Grant Form