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gkta_logo Interclub Committee
Laurie Jones -  (504) 491-2208
Belinda Ford (865) 466-4630
Kim Kazmier (865) 719-0856

Interclub Rules for 2018

2018 Calendar of Events






Registration opens

Captains/players can create rosters and will be required to collect and pay League Fee of $13 for each player registered.


Deadline for legal roster

Roster must have at least 8 players. New players can be added anytime during the season. Dues and Fees must be paid before their first match.


Schedules posted



Captain's ball and packet pick-up


Captains receive packet containing rules, responsibilities, league contact info, balls for home matches & any assistance with navigating topdog.


GKTA dues of $16 are due to be paid.

Participants of USTA spring tennis may have already paid GKTA fee. Matches will be disqualified if GKTA dues and League fees have not been paid prior to playing.


Season begins

League wide

Matches follow USTA format (2 out of 3 sets with 10-point comen tiebreak in lieu of 3rd set)

JULY 2nd-6th

Bye Week

League wide

Make-ups can be scheduled

AUG 6th-10th

Bye Week

League wide

Make-ups can be scheduled

Sept 3



League Wide



  • This year each player's League Fee of $13 must be paid when player is added to roster on Top Dog. This is to minimize the number of defaults due to non payment of League Fee. Captains will need to collect League Fee of $13 from their players and then register players and pay fees or players may go on line and register themselves and pay their own league fee. This is up to the club/captain.
  • In order to add a player to a second roster as a sub you must contact Belinda Ford ( or 466-4630) to add the player without paying the League Fee a second time. Subs are suppose to be added to the team roster 24 hours prior to the match so you need to contact Belinda 48 hours prior to the match.

Registration Fees

There are two fees/dues that need to be paid before you play your first interclub match. They are the League Fee of $13 and the GKTA dues of $16. The $13 League Fee must be paid when you are added to a roster on top dog. Club contacts (see contact list on top dog site) and captains can add and pay for players. Individual players can also pay and add themselves to a roster. The second cost is GKTA dues of $16. See the next paragraph for payment instructions. NOTE: Players are required to pay both League Fee and GKTA dues and matches will be defaulted if players are found to not have paid these two fees/dues. My strong recommedation is that you print off receipts and keep them in your tennis bag as proof of payment. Remember the cost of $13 and $16 as they are unique to Interclub.

Players pay their GKTA dues ($16) on line at WWW.GKTA.USTA.COM GKTA. Failure to pay will result in default of interclub matches played. NOTE: USTA membership and USTA league fees have nothing to do with GKTA Interclub! However, if you played USTA in the spring you should have already paid your GKTA dues and have a copy of the receipt showing your dues of $16 have been paid. Put this receipt in your tennis bag to show your Captain that you are paid up and cleared to play. The interclub league fee is paid when you are added to the team roster on topdog and covers the cost of balls, the Topdogtennis fee, and any charge for paying your fee on line. The Interclub Fee of $13 will have to be collected by your captain and paid when she adds you to the team roster or if your team can register individually then you can pay.


2018 Schedule of Play
Championship Monday
A1 Tuesday
A2 Wednesday
A3 Thursday
A4 Monday
A5 Tuesday
A6 (formerly B1) Wednesday
A7 (formerly B2, B3 & C1) Thursday*
Make-up Day Friday & any day during bye weeks**

* 3-Court format.
** It is the captain's responsibility to notify the committee and coordinate with the club to schedule any make-ups.

Dates will advance in 2020